Chapter Mission Statement:
To be the premier provider of knowledge in Operations Management and to offer career assistance in a professional forum for our members and the business community.

To Our Southern Tier ASCM/APICS Members:

ASCM/APICS has decided to consolidate its North America Chapters.  Since we live in and near a small rust-belt city, it should be no surprise that our APICS Southern Tier Chapter has been steadily shrinking over the last several years.  So, it should also not be a surprise that we were selected for a change.  

Therefore, effective December 31, 2020, the Southern Tier APICS Chapter was consolidated into ASCM’s APICS Rochester Chapter in Rochester, New York.  All Southern Tier APICS Chapter Members have now been transferred to the APICS Rochester Chapter. The APICS Rochester Chapter is looking forward to providing all the ASCM support you have been accustomed to, and they are looking forward to meeting each one of you.

What does this mean for you, the members?  

  1. Your membership in ASCM/APICS will continue.  You will still be an ASCM Member of an Upstate New York Chapter.  APICS Rochester is a vibrant ACSM Chapter within hours of us here in the Southern Tier. They will assist you with any concerns you may have regarding this transition and they are looking forward to engaging all Southern Tier Members with their APICS education, supply chain management training, career networking, and social networking.  
  2. The ASCM Binghamton University APICS Student Chapter will remain an ASCM Student Chapter. They, too, are now affiliated with ASCM’s APICS Rochester Chapter. The driving force behind the Binghamton University APICS Student Chapter local plant tours and Professional Development Meetings will continue as it has for the past few years.

We are sure you will have questions, and ASCM’s APICS Rochester Chapter is eager to begin supporting us.  If you have any questions regarding this transition, please contact the President of APICS Rochester, Larry Maggio. Larry’s contact information is listed below. The APICS Rochester Chapter is looking forward to contacting each one of you to ensure all your concerns are supported.  They have been working closely with our Past President of the APICS Southern Tier Chapter, Don Sheldon, to ensure an orderly and successful transition.

Here is the contact information for ASCM’s APICS Rochester Chapter President:

Larry Maggio, CPIM CSCP 

President – ASCM/APICS Rochester Chapter | Qualified APICS CPIM & CSCP Instructor                                                                                 

204 London Road | Webster, New York 14580 | Cell: 585.314.2930 | Email:

The Binghamton University Student Chapter’s Facebook page is

To quote a famous large-eared philosopher, “now it’s time to say goodbye to all our company.”

It has been our pleasure to serve you over the last 63 years.

To the members, officers and friends that have put their heart into making the APICS Southern Tier of New York Chapter a success (chapter chartered in 1977), thank you for all of your hard work. We encourage you to continue your ASCM journey and chapter engagement. We look forward to your participation in future regional and virtual events coordinated through ASCM’s APICS Rochester Chapter.

Your Southern Tier APICS Board of Directors